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First Nephi Added

I've added First Nephi. This is the edited version. I'll have an unedited copy up soon.


If this is your first time on this blog, please check out the About page for an overview of this project and the nature of the edits.

For First Nephi specifically, this is the first book of the Book of Mormon and is usually referred to as I Nephi, using the Roman numeral for one. However, "I, Nephi" is used frequently in the text when the narrator, Nephi, was saying or doing something. So, I thought "First Nephi" would be good to make a clear distinction between I Nephi and "I, Nephi". I'll continue with this slightly altered naming scheme for the rest of the project.

I'm mostly happy with how it all turned out. Chapter 21 was somewhat difficult determining where to correctly place the quotation marks since there are quotes within quotes and the distinction between speakers is not always clear.

Chapter 22 was not difficult, but most of the chapter is a sermon from Nephi and therefore most of it has leading quotation marks in front of the paragraphs. This is, of course, correct usage but isn't the best things to do in terms of formatting. Also, I made an arbitrary decision at the end of the chapter on where to close the quotes. The closing lines of chapter 22 are:

“Wherefore, if ye shall be obedient to the commandments, and endure to the end, ye shall be saved at the last day.”

And thus it is.


You can see where I closed the quotes. I decided the spoken sermon ended at that point because the lines "And thus it is. / Amen." also appeared in a previous chapter, and therefore I think this would be the words of the writer / narrator, and not the words spoken in the sermon.

If you disagree, or have any other comments, suggestions, criticisms, or random compliments, please contact me at pandaba@gmail.com.